Eight years of experience later, with some good times and not so good times under our belts, that same optimistic attitude has taken us to this new adventure - “Live to Eat”. We have had the pleasure of meeting so many unique and diverse people over the last eight years and developing friendships that mean the world to us. We are looking forward to sharing these friendships with all of you.
       Food has always been such a central part of all of our relationships. As you know, I love to eat, and that love has fostered a passion for cooking, as well. Food has been the common thread running through all our different relationships. It’s an amazing truth - we all have to eat! Food is truly the common denominator of humanity. Regardless of the style, flavor or ethnicity, food brings us all together and simplifies what can be a very complicated world.
     We’ve all had those magical moments that change and shape our lives: lasting memories around the dinner table with family and friends. These are moments that we can all relate to. We are excited to share them with you as we take this journey together on “Live to Eat.”